Thursday, September 08, 2005

Boing Boing: Legos site treats visitors to lecture on correct trademark use

A little over-officious, yes. But do people really call the bricks “Legos”? It always seemed to me that, like “sheep” and “deer”, Lego is both singular and plural… (And wow, this Wikipedia article is comprehensive.)


Honestly, it always pissed me off that people called them 'Legos'. I cringed every time one of my friends refered to them in this fashion in the same way I shuddered to hear them refer to their underwear as 'ginch'.
Is this a cultural thing? In American TV shows they're always called Legos... even the Canadian exchange student at my primary school called them that. Yet in Australia and England, it's Lego. I think you're right re: the sheep/deer comparison. 'Legos' bugs me too!
It's like how Americans call Woolworths "Woolworth", except it's one of theirs so they have the authority there. Math, however, I can't let slide. It's maths. With an S.